This is the marketing package for you if:

  • You’re unsure of the online marketing landscape;

  • Confused about how to plan out your content calendar;

  • Overwhelmed by the idea of using social media to promote yourself, and

  • Scared at the thought of sharing vulnerability on social media.

We’ll tell your story beautifully and work with you to meet your business goals. This package will help you feel inspired and confident about your brand while encouraging new followers and subscribers to interact with you online.

All of our marketing plans will inspire you to plan ahead, get organized, and achieve clarity in how and why you provide content to your followers, subscribers, and current and future clients.

What’s Included

Planning & Strategy

Initial Strategy Session (60 minutes)

We’ll schedule a video call to go over your current brand and design assets,* and discuss your business goals. We’ll also take a deep dive into how you’re already marketing to your audience, consider who you want to attract, and chat about what is and isn’t working with your current marketing efforts.

*If you don’t already have these, take a look at our Design Services here!


6 Month Content Plan for Social Media and Email Marketing

After our Initial Strategy Session, we’ll prepare a Content Plan for 6 months of social media and email marketing. We’ll use this as our roadmap to prepare your content for social media posts and plan your email schedule for 6 months in advance, highlighting any upcoming milestones or events that are on your calendar, and keeping in mind your business goals.


Social Media

Social Media Audit

We’ll do a deep dive into your current social media accounts and make sure you’re presenting your authentic self to your audience. We’ll delete any posts that don’t align with your brand aesthetic and make any necessary updates to your profile to begin crafting a platform you’re proud to share.

Don’t have any accounts yet? We’ll get you set up.


Social Media Posts (20/month to Instagram)

Using our Content Plan as a guide, we’ll write the copy and prepare images for your Instagram account, which you’ll have an opportunity to review each month. After your review, these will be pre-scheduled and will post automatically, so you can put the scary part of “putting yourself out there on social media” on autopilot. When it comes to social media, consistency is key — so we’ll make “showing up” easy for you.


Stock Image Curation

We’ll work with you using the visual content you already have and curate a stock image library for you to use for brand consistency in print and online marketing. These images will be combined with your pre-existing visual assets for social media posts and can also be used in your own email marketing.


Monthly Reports and Reviews

Monthly Strategy/Review Call (30 minutes)

Near the end of each month, we’ll jump on a call together to review your social media analytics and past posts, as well as go over the social media posts for the upcoming month. We’ll make small adjustments and tweaks each month as necessary to make sure your voice and brand are seen by the audience you want to attract.


Monthly Reporting

At the end of each month, we’ll share a report of the analytics and engagement on your social media channels. This allows us to track growth and measure what’s working with your audience.


ALL The tools we’ll use


Our favorite marketing tool for Instagram and Facebook, Later provides a visual content calendar for scheduling your social media content and auto publishes to your selected profiles. As a bonus, you can take advantage of the feature and add links or tag products in Instagram posts to turn your feed into a clickable, optimized landing page.



All of our communications, files, and content in one place to minimize back-and-forth emails and maximize productivity. This means you’ll always be able to find an image that we used, reference your monthly reports quickly, and spend more time on the work that makes you money.



Upgrade and add Pinterest to your package, and Tailwind is included. It’s our marketing tool of choice to make sure your pins are seen, shared, and clicked.



Our goal is to help your business grow.

We’re committed to helping you create trust in your fans, grow your following, and inspire others — so that you can make more money! We’re your biggest cheerleaders, supporters, and fans. We work with women and women-led businesses who have a mission we believe in, so we’re committed to sharing your story. When you work with us, you’ll get so much more than a marketing plan.

While you’re welcome to pay in full, we also work on simple, monthly payments so that the services we provide are always affordable, and growing your business is never out of reach.

Payment Plans

6 Month Contract

  • Pay in full: $2,900

  • 6 monthly payments of $499

12 Month Contract

  • Pay in full: $5,300

  • 12 monthly payments of $449


Upgrade your package with additional content planning and scheduling for Facebook and/or Pinterest for an additional $119 for each service per month. The Pinterest add-on includes Tailwind, our marketing tool of choice for the platform.



What’s missing from this package

Email Marketing

We’ll provide suggestions on your content calendar for an email marketing schedule that you can send to your subscribers to align with your social media and blog content. We’ll also make suggestions for a lead magnet that you can use to attract new subscribers, but this package does not include the monthly work to maintain, tweak and create the content for your email campaigns. Ready to take the next step with your email marketing campaigns?

Social Media interaction

We’ll coordinate and schedule your posts, but the interaction is up to you! And, it’s the fun part of connecting with your followers! We’ll provide you with a cheat sheet of best practices for interacting on social media so you can turn those followers into clients. 



Terms, Conditions, and Our Guarantee

6 month minimum contract

We require a 6 month minimum contract. The reason is simple. We need your commitment for that length of time to achieve the kind of results we both are setting out to achieve. We’ve been working with social media for over a decade and we know that to achieve remarkable results takes time. Giving you the ability to cancel at any time means you’re not thinking long term, and (as you know) that isn’t the kind of thinking that produces epic results.

After our initial 6 month contract, you can choose to renew for an additional 6 months, or work with us month-to-month, at which point you can cancel at any time without fees or penalties.

You will be billed automatically every 30 days until you let us know you’d like to cancel.


Our Guarantee

A free month every time we miss a monthly deadline.

We do not guarantee you will make money with our marketing services. We do, however, have a guarantee which means if things aren’t going to plan, you don’t lose out.

Here’s how it works:

  • As long as you’ve been supplying us with everything we need on time, and we’re simply not hitting deadlines, then we will extend your contract at no cost to you by an extra month.

  • In essence, if we’re 1 week late every month, you’d get an entire year free. If we’re late on 2 of the months, then you’d get 14 months instead of 12.

We do this to stay accountable to you and ourselves to meet the deadlines to which we both agree.